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Mollkirch: The village, its history...

The village

Mollkirch is a village with a population of 650 situated in the Vosges 40 kilometres to the west of Strasbourg at an altitude of 320 metres. The name Mollkirch is derived from Magel-Kirch, then Mahlkirch, the church of the river Magel. The name Mahlkirch is mentioned as early as 1220. We can deduce that a church already existed at the date.

Mollkirch used to be based on forestry, also agricultural with a few farms. The tradition of sheep breeding still exists in the village, but these animals have been superseded by livery horses. Mollkirch has become popular for its livery stables over the last few years. There are also fruit trees (cherries, mirabelle plums, quetsches (local damsons), apples and walnuts).

Mollkirch still has a large sawmill and a company selling forestry vehicles on its territory, both situated in the Bruche valley outside the village. In the village there is also a carpenter and a joiner.

Nowadays Mollkirch is a dormitory village and thanks to the express way and motorway A352 has become very popular among people working in Strasbourg.

Mollkirch has always been traditionally cut in two, the village itself and the hamlet of Laubenheim, 1 kilometre on the Grendelbruch road, which has the oldest buildings (the Kloesterle Chapel). The name Laubenheim (literally the home of the arbours) is certainly as old as Mollkirch.

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